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This is a starting point for information on the native people of the Russian Federation commonly referred to as "Koryaks." Some of these people prefer to call themselves "Alutors" or "Nymylani." Some prefer the term "Chavchuven," while others hate that term. The politics of nomenclature can get rather sticky at times.

I like to use the term Koryak to describe a culture. This does not necessarily refer to a clearly demarcated group of people, but to a way of living. Koryak culture is a set of styles, principles for living and being in the world, and people participate in these styles to a greater or lesser degree. Thus, one can dance like a Koryak without being one. Also, one can be a Koryak without speaking the language commonly associated with this culture.

I explain the use and importance of Koryak culture and traditions in contemporary people's lives in my book Living with Koryak Traditions, availble from the University of Nebraska Press.

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